About Me

Dear Readers,

As you may have gathered, I'm Elise.  I'm from the very middle of England but study down south in Plymouth.  This year, however, I'm on an exchange year in Gothenburg, Sweden.  For this reason, my featured items will probably form an eclectic selection of origins which could prove slightly annoying.  I apologise.

On paper, I am a literature student and a bar maid.  These occupations have given me a whole host of opinions and the former has improved my ability to express them.  Sometimes this is a bad thing but I hope that in terms of blogging, it will be a positive.

I mostly post about fashion.  I like clothes and I like the stories behind them.  My bank balance doesn't like either of these so much.  I often lie awake at night thinking about the things inside my wardrobe, or the things that will be, or what I wish was.  My sleep pattern isn't too happy either.

Somebody once told me, or perhaps I just imagined on the grapevine, that what you're doing when you are procrastinating is what you should be doing.  By that logic, given that typing 'T' into my search bar, aiming for The Literary Encyclopaedia or for thesaurus.com, often just takes me to Topshop, maybe I should be doing fashion.  I know that's what I want to be doing, anyway. 

My blog name is a spin on The Cure's song, A Letter To Elise.  It struck me on day two of blogging that the fact that this song starts with the lyrics "Oh Elise, it doesn't matter what you say" probably wasn't the best omen.  I hope that I can prove this wrong, or at least fool a few people into disagreeing with it.

With thanks, and many of them,

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  1. I love the cure! no it's a good omen and a cute blog name too! it gets my thumbs up! xxx rebecca