Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Jumper - Bik Bok
Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - Cubus
Boots - Bianco
Scarf - Vintage

I think the fact that I've been up since 2am is very clear from these photos.  I seem to have once again fallen foul to the pre-Christmas essay rush despite having the very best of intentions.  I awoke at 1:45 this morning and established that I couldn't sleep so might as well just give up and do some work.  Somehow, I managed to still put my professional procrastination skills to work though and watched YouTube for three hours instead.

In my defence, I am making up for about three years of not catching the YouTube bug.  I've just never really understood it before, thinking it was all videos of 13 year old boys playing pranks and bad singers falling off of tables.  I recently started watching some beauty videos but I kind of thought that YouTube was just a platform to upload these onto their creator's blogs.  I know, hideously ignorant.  I'm repenting this sinful lack of knowledge by ruining my sleep pattern/life watching endless reams of vlogs now.  If the extent of blogging has blown my mind a bit, the whole concept of the YouTube community has taken it one step further.  It's all so exciting in that 'makes my head hurt' kind of way.

This current state of mental frenzy and a planned day in the library called for something very comfortable and very large.  Out came this jumper.  When I bought it in September I wore it pretty much daily but I've realised that it's actually quite an unattractive shape so have rejected it a bit lately.  However, I think that wearing a shirt underneath made from thicker and more structured fabric helps the situation a little, so here we are.  It's only -6ºC today - practically summer compared to the more common -14ºC - so I got a chance to swap my blanket scarves for this favourite vintage one.

I'm really excited to start developing this blog properly in the new year.  I've stuck mostly to outfit posts and daily mutterings so far but now I've got to grips with the whole thing a little bit more, I'm looking forward to livening the whole thing up somewhat.  Alas, as always seems to happen when I get excited about a project, that little thing called university is getting in the way.  As my Dad regularly likes to remind me though, "the sooner you start, the sooner you finish" so I'm off to the library to free myself of the shackles of post-1960 Brit Lit.


P.S.  The image below is a summary of my feelings about life today.  I'm sorry.


  1. HAHAHA don't worry you're not the only one spending your late nights on youtube... there's just SO much things to see and so little time...

  2. HA!!!! Love.IT! Felt that way yesterday... :/

    Cute & comfy outfit too BTW..I've got a youtube channel fashion & lifestyle..if you care ot check it out some late night when you are 100% BORED out of your mind! ;)
    angi linaballerina is the channel - From fashion to photography, music to recipes, random finds to happy little inspirations from my everyday life. Hopefully you'll have a bit of a laugh along the way, learn something or be inspired to try something new.

  3. ^^^ that rambling up there is my 'spew' for my YT channel BTW. ;)

  4. I'm also guilty of staying up until the early hours of the day watching Youtube videos. I think I was at it for FIVE hours the other night... I am obsessed with 'vlogmas'.

  5. Love your sweater!

  6. Gorgeous outfit - although the photograph at the end did scare me slightly lol :) x