Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Daily Bread #16 - Soccer Mom

Shirt - River Island
Jumper - Mango
Shorts - Vintage Levi
Shoes - Topshop

You probably wouldn't believe it from this outfit, but it's actually -8˚ in Gothenburg right now, with -23˚expected tomorrow.  Considering how much I've been telling anybody who'll listen for months how excited I am for frosty weather and festive cheer, I'm actually woefully unprepared for these low temperatures.  My solution to this problem for the past few days has been hibernation but I have classes tomorrow, not to mention a serious case of cabin fever.  I'm really not sure how to tackle this.

You aren't here for a weather report though.  I popped this outfit on this morning as I wasn't doing anything or going anywhere and, quite frankly, I just wasn't feeling very inspired.  I know that I'm probably not meant to say that here, but it's true.  I just don't think that it's my week.  I never thought I'd miss England this much but by Jove I do.

One thing I will say though is that I've spent all day feeling a lot like an early 90s soccer "mom".  I think it's the badly dyed bouffant of hair and the cut off Levis, I just picture myself running around after some rowdy sons called Brett and Finn.  (I used 'mom' here rather than the more common British 'mum' because I just know that no mum would ever buy into this.)

Anyway, I'll update you on my snowy adventures tomorrow and I promise to have cheered the hell up.  It is Christmas, after all. 



  1. I actually love this outfit I think you look really cute! I'm winter's biggest fan but I've been held up with a horrific cold this week and when I stepped out today I just didn't expect it to be SO freezing! I swear I forget every year and never know how I coped the previous year. Hope you survive it! :)

  2. Hi Elise, love your pastel polka dot shirt :) Oh.... minus eight degrees? Brrrr! I think it's only natural that you're missing home a bit at this time of year, I hope you feel brighter soon xo

  3. Oooo your polka dot shirt looks super cute X