Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Daily Bread #15 - The Made in Britain Midi

Dress - Topshop
Jumper - Lindex
Boots - Bianco
Necklace - Topshop

As I may have mentioned, a few weeks ago I placed a very ill-advised, bank-balance-destroying Topshop order because I was simply desperate to get my hands on a particularly beautiful paisley skirt.  I'd first lusted after it a few months ago but it went out of stock almost immediately, in true Topshop style.  You can imagine my delight when a procrastinating browse informed me that it was back in stock.  As I was already paying postage, I decided to order this midi dress too, as I'd been hunting for one of this style for a while but had found no luck in Sweden.

It's a simple, high necked, long sleeved, navy blue jersey midi dress but I absolutely love it. It fits like a glove, it's so versatile and it's so comfortable.  I've layered it here with a jumper and ankle boots for a cold Tuesday in Gothenburg but it'd be equally at home with some statement jewellery and a pair of heels for a sophisticated night time look, despite the casual jersey fabric.  It's surprisingly very flattering too; I'm by no means the skinniest of girls but it doesn't cause any bodycon nightmares, I think because of the fairly thick fabric.  

This dress also forms part of Topshop's 'Made In Britain' collection, which you can read more about here.  For me, this dress is an ideal component of the range.  It is a wardrobe staple - practical, comfortable, live-in - yet the length and the fit lend an immediate sense of luxe to any look.  You could throw it on on the dreariest of days, in the worst of moods, and immediately feel more in control, more put together, more womanly (if that isn't too cliched a word to use).  It feels like wearing a secret and that's why I think it fits so well with the collection. This whole concept of understated luxury is something that, to me, just seems so very British.

As you can probably gather, I'm a pretty big fan.  It's a feel good piece if there ever was one, and I love that. I feel I should put a quick note about the sizing though. I read on another blog that they'd advise getting a size up in this style.  Personally, I completely disagree with that.  I think there's nothing worse than baggy body con which will just never sit right.  I guess that's down to personal taste but I'd advise going a size down, if anything.

I apologise for having been so absent over the weekend; I've been holed up in pyjamas procrastinating like a professional.  I finally submitted my essays yesterday though and so I'm back.  Today I'm attempting to be very productive and organise a few quite exciting developments in my life, which I'll sure I'll be blabbering on about soon.

From a snowy Sweden,


  1. this looks great on you. I'm following you now (eventhough I thought I already was? Weird.) :)
    enter my international giveaway here on tie-dye-eyes!

  2. Gorgeous outfit, i love the colour of the dress! x

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  4. Great outfit post... I do wish there was a close up of your necklace though..it looks interesting!
    Ahhh, bank balance destroyer is my middle name this month!!! :/ *ooops*
    Your posts make me want to come over and drink a glass of wine in front of that wonderful big window and lovely view you have! That spot is awesome I could see myself really getting into a black hole with a good book, a warm blanket and some snacks sitting there!



  5. The burgundy color is very pretty on you! Such a cute outfit! :)

    xx TraN