Friday, 21 December 2012

The £1 Leather Jacket

Leather jacket  - Vintage Yessica
Shirt - Pop Boutique
Jumper - Primark
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Office

Whenever I come home for a fleeting visit, one of my favourite activities is rooting through various cupboards, drawers and wardrobes in my room to see if there are any forgotten gems to be rediscovered.  Last evening, in a typical fit of procrastination, I embarked upon this ritual and stumbled upon perhaps my most impressive find yet. This (real!) leather jacket was bought on £1 leather jacket day at Trashy Flowers a few years ago.  At the time, I was quite excited, purely because of the incredible bargain, but my purchase got pushed to the back of a cupboard because I didn't really like the colour or the fit or, well, anything really.

All I can think is - what on earth was I thinking?!  I put it on last night and just sat grinning for hours.  It's a lovely soft chocolate brown leather, and roomy enough to fit a jumper underneath, yet cropped enough to not be swamping.  Basically, I'm a little in love, and all for £1?!  Crikey.  Of course, this jacket still doesn't fulfil my desperate need for a staple black biker style leather jacket, but I'm pretty chuffed nonethless.

This jumper was also quite a bargain.  I found it in the men's section of Primark whilst killing time in Birmingham on Tuesday.  There were various colours but I wasn't overwhelmed by the choice of elbow patch shades for the others.  I did really like the brown tweed patch on this mustard one though and for just £10, I couldn't resist.  I've always liked mustard but it used to clash horrible with my skin tone and hair colour.  Since going blonde and drastically improving my ability to apply makeup, I think I can kind of pull it off a bit more now though, which is quite exciting.

Talking of exciting, I've had quite a lovely week back in rainy ol' England.  On Tuesday, I went to see a showing of White Christmas at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham.  If you live anywhere around the West Midlands, I urge you to visit.  It is the oldest working cinema in the UK and, for the same price as a ticket at Vue, you get to sit in spacious velvet seats and indulge with slices of cake and cocktails that cost less than a popcorn and coke deal.  They show a variety of new and old films - I've seen Casablanca, The Marigold Hotel and White Christmas there - so check it out and put a visit in your diary.

Following that gloriously festive outing, I hopped on a train to Birmingham International to meet my dad for an evening of Andre Rieu.  My Grandma was unfortunately not well enough to go so I filled in and used her ticket.  I have to admit, I'm really not a musical person and I wondered how much I'd enjoy it, but it was actually very lively.  It turns out Andre is quite the comedian!  

As well as these two events, I've filled my time with baking, essays and grandparents, so I apologise for the lack of posts this week.  I hope you've had a lovely pre-Christmas week too.



  1. Such an amazing find- love how you've styled it! I did a similar thing with a dress a few years back- bought it because it was cheap then panicked when I got it home as didn't know what to wear it with and found it earlier this year and love it!

    P.s. loving your Christmas tree! xx

  2. OMG! I love your styling, you are so amazing at playing with fashion! I am blogging everyday on my blog and telling you about my XMas I think you may be interested in following each other?

  3. The jacket is wonderful but I also really like the boots: congratulations to the outfits :)
    I'm your new follower, would you like to follow each other?

    xoxo from Rome <3

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  5. Owww reading this post has made me wish I'd saved some of the pieces I'd chucked out years ago. I used to have a corduroy jacket this colour I absolutely loved! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. These are not pantaloons. Where are the pantaloons? Haha! Great jacket, what a bargain! I quite like the men's section of Primark, the jumpers in particular are awesome! Hope you've had a nice Christmas x

  7. I just love this whole outfit! I brought my christmas jumper from the mens section of primark - they're so much nicer ;D
    Thanks for following me on Twitter! I just love your blog - it's great!
    It would be great if you could check out my blog too and leave feedback if you like it!
    Grace X

  8. Really lovely outfit! What a bargain that jacket!!

  9. Wow £1 for that jacket! What a great the jumper you paired it with, I'm a sucker for elbow patches!

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