Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Daily Bread #12 - Friday Feeling, on a Thursday

Shirt - Glamorous 
Jeans - Cubus
Cardigan - Warehouse
Belt - River Island
Wedges - River Island
Socks - Topshop
Necklace - Miss Selfridge

Do you have any of those items that sit in your wardrobe for months, you wonder why they don't get worn, then you put them on and you remember exactly why they don't come out to play very often?  That is exactly the case with these jeans.  My only other leg denim is navy and black, and sometimes it's just a blue jeans kinda day, so on come these Cubus jeans.  Usually, when I first put them on, they've been newly tumble dried (they seem to get washed more frequently than they get worn) so they cling and fit like a perfectly skinny glove.  As the day goes on, however, they begin to go a strange and baggy.  Looking at these pictures, I see why they don't get worn.  The denim just isn't thick enough to suit having any room for manoeuvre, yet that's exactly what there is.

The rest of my outfit consists, once again, of some favourites that have stood the test of time.  The belt, necklace and socks all date back to 2008.  The shirt, cardigan and wedges are slightly newer additions but have still been knocking around for over a year now.  I quite like combining older clothes in new ways though to update them slightly.  Whilst there's admittedly nothing groundbreaking about this outfit, I know for a fact that these items wouldn't have been put together like this last year and then I feel a little less recycled.  I also get a smug kind of 'I told you so' satisfaction in reaction to my mother's endless "but you won't wear it enough, will you?" complaints.  Yes, yes, I know that's not really very nice, but that's where we're at.

I think I may have mentioned that I placed a naughty ASOS order a few weeks ago.  Well, after much anticipation, it finally arrived yesterday and I was over the moon because it meant I finally had some flat brogue-style shoes back in my life, which I was desperate for.  I eagerly tore open the parcel, took the lid off the box and pulled a shoe from inside... and kept pulling, and kept pulling.  It just didn't stop coming.  Eventually, when the whole length of this monster was before me, I couldn't help but laugh: it was simply enormous.  I've checked I didn't accidentally order men's shoes, but nope, these are all woman, and supposedly a UK7.  They are not.  I will treat you to a size comparison picture before I send them back.  By jove.

Big-footed tales aside, tomorrow, my mum and cousin are visiting for a festive weekend of perusing the Christmas markets and other seasonal offerings of Gothenburg.  You can expect a lot of pictures from this adventure as I really love Christmas, if you hadn't gathered that already. I'm not sure I'll get much chance to post but I'm going to try and have an organised Thursday evening and set some posts up for over the weekend (oo-er, I feel like a proper blogger now!).  Have a lovely weekend last weekend of November; this time next week it's officially time to be excited for the big 2-5.

With pre-mature Friday feeling,

P.S. Do you like my wine bottle candle creations?


  1. lovely outfit!

  2. Great shirt Elise, thanks for your comment on my blog.. come say on twitter @lovecloth

  3. I like your posts a lot. Always a pleasure reading those little stories behind the post. And you look relly sweet .

  4. you look beautiful <3

  5. Love the colour of your socks with those boots! Odd as that sounds! haha :)

    Aimée X

  6. i love the bottle candles! so clever - and love the outfit! x

  7. You write so well Elise, always entertaining :) shame you have to send your shoes back tho, hassle! I would imagine the Swedish Christmas Markets will be breathtakingly beautiful....slightly envious here! x

  8. love this cardigan, your posts are so entertaining :) great bottle candles too ;)

  9. I think those jeans fit really well. Really love the floral shirt and shoes.

  10. Really love the shirt! very nice outfit! Good warm colours, might have to get me some of that green!

    Love Hannah