Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Daily Bread #8 - Rearrangements etc

Jumper - Mango
Trousers - Mango
Shoes - Topshop

I mentioned yesterday that I'd been on a little shopping spree in the Mango sale and here are some of the fruits of that expedition.  As I also mentioned, I'm having a bit of a love affair with trousers at the moment, as always, so I was pretty chuffed when I found these green cigarette trousers for just 199sek (around £20.00).  I've teamed them with this loose fit jumper for a really casual Tuesday outfit.  I like the contrast between the slim fit of the trousers and the baggier jumper; it's a pairing I'm a big fan of in all forms.  I have a really exciting pair of brogues coming from ASOS which will definitely be featured in this outfit as soon as they come, but for now my trusty Topshop loafers are coming out to play once again.  I was a bit unsure about the bright sole for A/W but I've seen a few others wearing it still and I actually quite like the hint of colour it gives.

Unfortunately, on my shopping trip, I didn't manage to find the key thing I wanted which was a more wintery statement necklace.  Today, as a last resort, I dug out this beaded affair which I bought in an Ethiopian airport years ago.  You can't quite see in these pictures, but whenever I wear it I get a lot of comments about just how large it is, and it does sometimes cause a slight bit of collar bone pain if you move too swiftly.  But no pain, no gain, right?

I've rearranged my bedroom a bit which means I no longer have a blank wall for photography purposes.  (To be honest, the only time I ever did was when my furniture was scattered about in complete upheaval, and nobody can live like that forever).  I think this position could be quite nice when I've figured out how to set the aperture of my camera so the background blurs a little. I did play around a little this morning but, as you can probably see, I wasn't so successful and I just ended up blinding myself in the process.   I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

I have no classes today so I'm actually headed to Mango to scout out their sale even more because I love these trousers and they had a few other colours I noticed.  I keep seeing people tweeting about their spending bans and that's something I really need to join in with, my poor bank balance.

With little eyesight,


  1. I also need a spending ban! ;) These trousers are a bargain though, such a nice colour!

    The Style Rawr!

  2. I need a spending ban too...! Those trousers are gorgeous though and I love the colour - perfect for autumn/winter! I really like the necklace and it has a whole story of where you bought it behind it :)

  3. Those trousers are absolutely gorgeous, I love the colour - it really suits you skin tone :)

    Rose x

  4. Hi Elise, it is tricky trying to get a decent background for outfit posts isn't it, I try to do them outdoors but it's getting a bit tooooo chilly now! Also, I love your idea of a 'uniform' look, to fall back on when time is short - inspired!