Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Daily Bread #14 - The Restorative Powers of Paisley

Jumper - Mango
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Bianco
Belt - River Island
Necklace - Topshop

Today is not my day.  I overslept, remembered it was the week for my night class, then I took about thirty photos and only these two were even slightly acceptable.   However, on days like today, it always helps to wear something that makes you smile the second you look at it.  For me, that's these jeans.  After all, when in doubt, wear paisley.

As it's just a casual, dreary Thursday, I styled these statement jeans simply with my new jumper I picked up in the Mango sale and this necklace that got delivered yesterday.  The necklace, which you'll see in more detail soon, is a collar made of hands and did come with dangly moons, but one fell off this morning so I just unhooked them all and I prefer it now I think.  It was reduced to £4.50 so I don't feel too bad about dismantling it.

Anyway, I have an urgent appointment with the library to attend to so I shall leave you to your days and return more cheerily tomorrow.

For now,


  1. I looove your pants, the print is amazing!

    xx TraN

  2. The paisley print looks gorgeous!


  3. Oh wow what a gorgeous outfit, i adore your trousers they're soooo nice!

  4. Adore those jeans! x

  5. Your jeans are amazing! love how you've styled them :) xx

  6. I love those jeans so much. I wanted to get them in the sale but they didn't have my size! :( xx

  7. I always love the way you style your pants with your always look so put together in an effortless way! now back up to read about this bread you made...DAMN YOU! I'm trying to go easy on the snacks..and now I"m hungry for some tasty bread! ;) - xx

  8. I love your trousers.the print is gorgeous